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I have done a lot of online research over the years about some of the details and instructions for interior house painting. I'm putting it out there that a lot of the information that one would find on the Internet is just plain wrong.

This Painting Blog tries to help provide better painting information so hopefully it will be useful for both homeowners and other painting contractors alike.

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Museum Quality Interior Preparation

When painting indoors, our initial activity will always consist of implementing protective procedures. Our biggest responsibility is to protect your home and everything within it. As a Customer, you are inviting us into your home to help you, and we recognize that we need to pay careful attention for the work activities that we do. We treat your home as if it were our own and take extra care when moving your furniture and belongings.

As a painting company in Northern Virginia, we are often praised on our professionalism and extensive prep work that we undertake to ensure the highest level of protection. Some Customers ask us why we go to such great lengths using so much tape and plastic. My answer is simple. It ensures 99%protection of surfaces, and helps us complete the application much faster. By completely taping and putting plastic over cabinets, counters, bathrooms, and floors, we do not need to cut-in these areas.

Following the plastic seal protection, we layout clean, interior painting-only drop cloths throughout the floor space of where we will be working.If we are working over hardwood floors and stairs, we take even more precautions by laying out durable rosin sheathing that protects the hardwood from impacts and scratches. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and we think that this is a very important component of protection and containment for any kind of paint or drywall application.

Our skilled mechanics will also move the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with protective plastic. Additionally, we will remove items from the walls, including electrical plates and bathroom fixtures, and store them for safekeeping.Curtains and blinds are temporarily removed from the walls and protected. We will then inspect the area one final time to see if anything else needs to be removed or if anything requires additional protection.

When we are done, everything gets put back to its proper place, we sweep and vacuum all your floors, and wipe down your counters where wherever we have been working. Our jobs always end-up cleaner than when we first started the work, and there is never any trace that we were even there. Except for the fact that now you have beautiful new colors on the walls throughout.

How to Touch-up Paint your Walls

Sometimes marks and scruffs on interior walls can diminish the look of a well-designed room. Depending upon how much time has passed since the walls were last painted, sometimes you can hide unsightly blemishes by covering them with touch-up paint that matches the existing wall color. Even if you don't know what the original color is, there are other ways that you can accurately match your current wall color.

The best way to match the paint from an existing wall is to bring the original can of paint to any reputable paint store. Usually most paint stores can easily re-create the hue if paint label is still visible with the formula. In some cases, the store can still match the paint and create a new paint formula by utilizing a computer matching system. This type of system can analyze the color and create the match that usually turns out to be very close to the original. Many chain paint stores also maintain records of other paint manufacturers, and they should be able to determine the color. Always make sure that the match is correct by applying paint to a sample.

Sometimes finding the original can of paint from a specific wall color can be impossible. If that’s the case, your local paint store can create a paint match if you are able to bring them a color sample from the wall itself.. By using a putty knife, simply cut a two-inch square in the drywall from a less noticeable area, such as a closet, above a framed door, or inside an electrical outlet. Gently press the knife blade into the drywall without damaging it in order to remove the top layer of paint. Most chain paint stores have a computerized paint-matching system that has a spectrophotometer that can create a new formula based from the scan.

A sample paint card from the original paint manufacturer with the paint formula printed on it, is even better! If that particular color name and color formula is still in existence then the match process should take only minutes. On the other hand, if a sample paint card was not kept on file for 10 years, don’t fret, simply travel to your local paint store and ask them for a paint fan deck. These fan decks contain all of the colors that they make. Many homes in Reston Virginia are part of a Homeowners Association, and it is the Association that dictates what colors are to be applied to the exterior of those homes that are within the community.

Needless to say, you may have trouble finding an exact paint match for an existing wall that is moderately faded due to age. A lot of times simply cleaning the walls with a mild dish detergent and warm water to remove dirt will reveal the true paint hue. Something else to consider is how the previous paint was applied. If it was sprayed, touching-up that wall will make matters worse. In those cases, it would be necessary to brush and roll complete walls. After touching-up a wall section, allow it to dry completely before deciding to try a different touch-up color. Davinci's Painters are experts at matching colors for touch-up purposes, so give us a call!

How to handle Lead in your Northern VA Home

Question: I recently purchased a home in Vienna and it hasn’t been upgraded or renovated for 30 years. How do I know if there is lead based paint on the inside?  What should I do if lead paint is found?

Answer: The Environmental Protection Agency has very strict regulations to ensure that occupants of the home, and the paint contractors working there are kept safe.  If your home was built prior to 1978, there is a possibility that lead based paint may be in your home.  Research has shown that children are the most affected by lead paint and the main idea is to prevent exposure before it happens.

Safety is the most important factor and a meticulous containment and set-up process is required prior to lead paint abatement. The Davinci's Painting team is EPA Lead Certified, and we are experienced to deal with even the most extreme lead removal projects.  We provide an efficient and safe system for lead removal.

We professionally remove lead paint, lead dust, and lead contaminated soil within the Washington DC area.  We utilize lead removal methodologies that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Some of these processes include conventional techniques like sand blasting, sponge blasting, ice blasting, and even intensive hand scraping for the more complicated lead abatement projects.

Zero VOC Paints Keep Washington DC Green!

Are you planning on re-painting the interior of your home but concerned about the toxins released through paint fumes?

Before beginning the process of painting the interior of your home and choosing paint, an important aspect to consider is the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds that are contained within the paint material. VOC’s are known carcinogens. Some VOC paints can also contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer. In addition, these hazardous chemicals that are released into the air of your home can put you or someone in your family at a greater risk of developing asthma or allergies.

Some studies have shown that the presence of these pollutants can be extremely concentrated following the application of interior paints. In fact, elevated VOC levels can persist long after the paint has dried in the room. Although lacquer and oil-based paints are more dangerous than water-based latex paints, many latex paints still contain some dangerous solvents.

The Ozone Transport Commission is a multi-state organization that was created as a result of the Clean Air Act. The Commission represents all of the Mid-Atlantic States in order to advise the EPA about ground-level ozone situations and possible solutions. In 2005, they implemented a series of VOC Regulations regarding paints, varnishes, lacquers, and paint solvents. These rules have been applied to all of the counties and cities within Northern Virginia, as well as, Washington DC implemented regulations

As a result of these new regulations, major paint manufacturers have responded and have re-formulated their paint products to be Zero VOC or Low VOC compliant. According to industry studies, these new Zero VOC paints perform better than the previous formulation latex paint that had high levels of VOC’s. They reportedly last longer, dry more quickly, and are safer to clean up than previously formulated paints.

The major paint companies like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Glidden have made great strides by offering paint products in every color and finish that are completely free of VOC’s. However, the downside is that a more complex energy-intensive manufacturing process is required to produce Zero VOC paint. Furthermore, even Zero VOC paints must always be disposed of properly at a hazardous material collection center in your community to prevent environmental contamination.

Davinci's Painting is excited that paint is now safer and becoming more safer for homeowners and painters in to consumers and painters in Northern Virginia. So do your family and the environment a favor, and ask us how we can use Low VOC or Zero VOC paints for your home!