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I have done a lot of online research over the years about some of the details and instructions for interior house painting. I'm putting it out there that a lot of the information that one would find on the Internet is just plain wrong.

This Painting Blog tries to help provide better painting information so hopefully it will be useful for both homeowners and other painting contractors alike.

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How to handle Lead in your Northern VA Home

Question: I recently purchased a home in Vienna and it hasn’t been upgraded or renovated for 30 years. How do I know if there is lead based paint on the inside?  What should I do if lead paint is found?

Answer: The Environmental Protection Agency has very strict regulations to ensure that occupants of the home, and the paint contractors working there are kept safe.  If your home was built prior to 1978, there is a possibility that lead based paint may be in your home.  Research has shown that children are the most affected by lead paint and the main idea is to prevent exposure before it happens.

Safety is the most important factor and a meticulous containment and set-up process is required prior to lead paint abatement. The Davinci's Painting team is EPA Lead Certified, and we are experienced to deal with even the most extreme lead removal projects.  We provide an efficient and safe system for lead removal.

We professionally remove lead paint, lead dust, and lead contaminated soil within the Washington DC area.  We utilize lead removal methodologies that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Some of these processes include conventional techniques like sand blasting, sponge blasting, ice blasting, and even intensive hand scraping for the more complicated lead abatement projects.

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