We Like to Inform Our Clients

I have done a lot of online research over the years about some of the details and instructions for interior house painting. I'm putting it out there that a lot of the information that one would find on the Internet is just plain wrong.

This Painting Blog tries to help provide better painting information so hopefully it will be useful for both homeowners and other painting contractors alike.

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Powerwashing before Painting

Presure Washing Advantages
I would like to talk about the importance of cleaning the exterior of your Home prior to painting. The most important fact is that cleaning the exterior means your exterior paint will last longer. Contrary to what other Contractors will say, the paint will not immediately fall off if you don't clean before painting. The paint will apply fine and it will adhere. It will also look good. But the problem is that it just won't last. By painting over dirty surfaces, you seriously shorten your paint's lifespan. Considering how expensive it is to paint a home exterior, it probably would be a wise idea to do the job right the first time.

Davinci's Painting always includes power-wash cleaning on every Exterior that we service. It does take an additional day to go through this process, but the extra time spent thoroughly cleaning the siding will increase the lifespan not only of the paint but the wood trim as well.

Washing and Prepping
The real purpose of pressure washing your Home prior to painting is to clean away dirt and mildew. The second purpose is to remove peeling paint, or where paint that has otherwise failed. Although the power-washer does help a lot in the removal of failed paint, our Painters still go through the preparation process of scraping and sanding. We also power-wash all other non-painted surfaces, such as: aluminum or vinyl siding, brick, gutters and downspouts.
Steps to Powerwash

Steps to Powerwash

  • Clean the Entire Space: Powerwash from the top down without any cleaning solution. Your intention is only to knock down the big gunk: spider nests, inactive wasp nests, leaves, and the majority of the dirt.
  • Clean With Solution: Let dry and then do this step when the siding is not in direct sunlight. Next, fill up your pressure washer's tank with bleach or TSP.
  • Powerwash with the water-solution mixture from the bottom of the siding to the top. Let soak for about ten minutes. Rinse with fresh water from the top down.
  • Second Fresh Water Spray: If a couple of weeks pass before you can get to painting, I advise an additional spray-down with non-potable water. It's surprising how fast spiders can move in after a cleaning.