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I have done a lot of online research over the years about some of the details and instructions for interior house painting. I'm putting it out there that a lot of the information that one would find on the Internet is just plain wrong.

This Painting Blog tries to help provide better painting information so hopefully it will be useful for both homeowners and other painting contractors alike.

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Preparing Your Home for Winter: Winterizing

As the temperatures go down and the days get shorter, the increasing energy bills give us more motivation to get our homes ready for winter. Improving the insulation of your home is a good idea, but there are also some additional winterizing tips that could save you some serious bills and problems with your home.

Seal Doors and Windows:
Some of the problematic areas found in many homes are the windows and doors. Cold air often goes through the cracks and often times drafts are created. One can test this by using an open hand to check the edges of your doors and windows to see if any cold air can be detected. A candle could also help you find cold air drafts. If you see any cracks around the trim or frame of a window, it is best to seal them with caulk. If a door is not sealed well, install weather-stripping to close the gaps. Also, if there is a draft under the bottom of a door, a draft-guard or threshold would be able to seal the space.

An alternative solution would be to have your doors or windows replaced to a more energy efficient model. This would also bring-up the value of the home while at the same time save money in the long run by reducing heat loss.

Prepare Furnace and Fireplace:
For your family’s safety, it is extremely important to protect yourselves from fire and carbon monoxide hazards. Have an HVAC professional inspect and tune your furnace and hire a chimney sweep company to clean your chimney. Also make sure to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around your home, as well as, fire extinguishers that are in places that are easily accessible

Prevent Pipe Freezes:
If you have any exposed pipes in an un-insulated area of your home, such as a basement or crawlspace, you should to insulate them. Also disconnect and drain any garden hoses and put them away. If your exterior water faucets are not a anti-freeze type, then install insulation caps on the faucets to protect them.

Clean Gutters to prevent Blockage:
If your gutters and downspouts are clogged with debris, it is imperative to clean them out. Other methods are available which will prevent gutters with poor drainage from becoming blocked with ice. Over time, this issue can create leaks in roofs.

If you don’t have the time or cannot perform these maintenance activities on your own, you may want to consider hiring a professional. Davinci's Painting Company has extensive knowledge and experience to protect and seal exposed the wood surfaces of your Home. We also offer complete interior services to get your home ready for the holidays.