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I have done a lot of online research over the years about some of the details and instructions for interior house painting. I'm putting it out there that a lot of the information that one would find on the Internet is just plain wrong.

This Painting Blog tries to help provide better painting information so hopefully it will be useful for both homeowners and other painting contractors alike.

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All Types of Drywall Repairs Inside the Home

Repainting the interior of your home with a fresh coat of paint is a relatively straightforward task for most Home Owners. The job is even easier if the drywall and previous layer of paint that you are painting over is in relatively good condition. More likely than not, your home has been lived in by adults, children, and pets, and your drywall has a multitude of imperfections, perhaps even holes. Whether from installing fixtures or furniture moving mistakes, drywall holes happen to even the most careful homeowners. If the drywall shows signs of damage or wear and tear, then repairing the issues first is important in order to get museum quality painting results.

If it’s a small repair, you should be able to repair your drywall quickly and then your new walls will be ready for painting in no time. You should first consider the size of the hole that needs to be repaired first before you grab a putty knife and start spackling. Extensive drywall damage will sometimes require knowledge and quite a lot of work to ensure the stability of the wall and affected area. On the other hand, a small crack or hole can usually be repaired in just a few minutes providing you prepare the surface and utilize the correct type of compound. We refinish drywall everyday and hopefully this blog post will give you some insight on the overall process of fixing the most common types of cracks.

Stress Cracks and Nail Pops
These are common occurrences for both ceiling and wall drywall surfaces, and are caused by a slight shifting framing of the house which is related to the weather and changes of the seasons. For minor nail pops the solution can be as simple as recessing the nail head and applying at least two layers of compound over the surface. In some cases, nail pops that occur in ceilings may require the removal of the existing screw and then the re-installation of several new fasteners around the affected area. Although most small cracks in walls are innocuous, certain stress cracks can be a recurring problem are most commonly repaired with a nylon mesh tape and multiple layers of compound. More aggressive cracks can sometimes necessitate the application of a fiberglass mesh or a high performance bonding material like Plaster Weld.

Small Holes & Hairline Cracks
Hairline cracks in drywall can be caused by normal house expansion and contraction, misplaced drywall joints, or the application of joint compound during inclement weather conditions. It is most common to see hairline cracks in older homes, however, these types of cracks can also develop in houses that are less than 3 years old. Most small holes are caused by people living within the Home and are the result of staples and picture hooks placed in the walls. Luckily, hairline cracks and small holes in the walls can be fixed without much effort. The important step to be aware of is to be sure that the hole and crack are at least one millimeter below the rest of the wall surface. The hole may need to be pounded in slightly to avoid the buildup of compound and a resulting bump or bulged out look on the wall.

Medium Holes & Indentations
These problems can come about for any number of reasons, including the installation of a new fixture, or simply bumping a doorknob or chair against the wall. Depending upon the severity of the damage, the repair could require up to three drywall refinish stages which is codified as a level four type of refinish application. Under most normal circumstances, two or three skim applications of fast drying drywall compound which provides excellent bonding and resistance to cracking. Even though it is impossible to repair drywall without some sanding sanding, the goal is to do as little sanding as possible. We recommend Easy Sand 45 Compound as it is easier to sand if applied properly, and enables several applications to be distributed over a short period of time.

Large Holes with Replacement
Large drywall holes that require drywall replacement are often the result of some accidental or deliberate break in the drywall. Typical drywall damage that is large includes water damage caused by a leak, bathroom fixtures that are removed or replaced, and electrical wiring that has been redone behind the wall. If the damage was caused by water, it is important to find and fix the source of the leak before beginning the drywall repair job. Frequently the solution involves more than one drywall tape application or perhaps even the replacement of a drywall section. The replacement would be followed-up with a single block application, sanding, and two skim coat applications utilizing ProForm Taping Joint Compound. Needless to say, this type of repair job can take days to complete because of the drying stages, and it definitely requires a good deal of craftsmanship and experience.

Performing drywall repairs correctly and then preparing the walls prior to painting is critically important for a professional-looking paint job. We encourage you to research the methods described above further. The Internet is full of resources but please be aware that a lot of advice online comes from a handyman's perspective. Our Drywall Mechanics have over sixty years combined experience, and we specialize in the installation and refinishing of all types of drywall surfaces and textures. Davinci’s Painting Team of professional painters and drywall mechanics would love to consult with you on repairing your walls and covering them in fresh new paint. If you’ve never taken part in a drywall repair project and don’t feel comfortable about tackling the project yourself, give us a call at 571-314-7288 

Some Color Options to Consider for 2017

Decorative trends and new color styles tend to change year after year. This is especially true when you are dealing with interior residential spaces. It is the job of Color Consultant to research these trends and have their eyes peeled for some of the new colors that are in vogue.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of five of the most popular paint color trends as the 2017 painting season gets busy!

Sherwin Williams "Show Stopper"

There are a myriad of different shades of red that can flow with with most decorative styles and color pallets. The challenge is finding a red paint color that has the right undertones for the decor of your home. If you're thinking about a vibrant red option, Sherwin-Williams Show Stopper would be the right choice for 2017. This pure red is a bold choice for any space, and is definitely has been a common theme for many front doors accent walls.  As has always been the case, this type of color has always worked well indoors for a room that needs some drama like a living or dining room.

Sherwin Williams "Poised Taupe"

Sherwin Williams announced Poised Taupe to be their color of the year for 2017, and it has been a popular choice for many homeowners. Although they consider it more along the lines of a grayish brown color, some people have described it to have a mix of mauve, pink, with purple undertones. There has been definitely been a lot of opinions posted about this color on various Blogs, including Instagram and Pinterest. Most people have considered it to be the perfect mix of a neutral cool gray with a woodsy neutral brown color. If the previous five years have been any indication about the tendency towards grayish brown hues, then we are confident something similar to this color will still be popular in 2017.

Glidden "Byzantine Blue"

Byzantine Blue was Glidden's 2017 Color of the Year, and it is another type of soothing blue paint color that can work in any room. This color has a contemporary feel and it has a combination of shades of aqua, deep blue and light green.  To contrast the wood trim, a plain white or bright white color is always a must. This is traditionally a great hue for holiday and seaside homes.  The faint violet undertone definitely gives it an unexpected glow that would be dramatic in a special area of the home.  Although this color would look good in any room, it could also serve as a nice color for an exterior front door.

Valspar "Crushed Oregano"

Valspar's 2017 Color of the Year is Crushed Oregano and it's a bold subdued color in a time of neutral paint color popularity. It is more of an olive green type of color with a very slight yellow undertone, which would be a good option for a family room or study.  Obviously, the rest of the room's decor should be well thought out, so that it looks the part and doesn't appear out of place.  For example, white kitchen cabinets would offset this type of bold color, and would be a fashionable design idea.  You will want to sample this dynamic paint color before you commit to paint all of the walls to be sure that it's right for your space.

Sherwin Williams HGTV "Natural Wonder"

Another popular Sherwin-Williams paint color is called Natural Wonder, and it's part of a palette of only twenty colors.  This type of smaller paint color palette helps people make color decisions more quickly and confidently.  Natural Wonder is an earth tone, and is formulated with a combination of several neutral paint colors.  Earth tones like this are particularly versatile, and it can be combined with other colors in multiple ways which should flow well with any type of decor.  Often times it is imperative to balance out earth tones with softer neutrals so that the space is not overwhelming, but in this case Natural Wonder would provide a warm and cozy feeling for any bedroom.

Homeowners Associations Regulations

HOAs and Restrictive Ordinances are designed to protect neighborhood property values by enforcing Homeowners to maintain their home and not to deviate in terms of paint colors or architectural changes. Sometimes however, the bureaucracy of the HOA can be a little overwhelming.  I’ve heard of stories of homeowners being sued by their HOA simply because they painted their shutters red instead of green.

So the front of your house needs to be re-painted or your vinyl siding needs to be power washed. Should you ask permission from your HOA before doing anything?

Usually most HOAs are easy to deal with. They will clean your streets, plow your streets, trim your trees, maintain the swimming pool, and allow you to paint your home the exact same color that was used when the house was built. There are some that have come up with more stringent guidelines. Most notably the Reston Virginia area has an HOA for Reston, and each of the small townhouse clusters has their own HOA

There are some HOAs that will require homeowners to hire an “HOA Approved” painting company. The most moderate HOA’s will limit color choices for an exterior repaint to three or four acceptable neutrals colors. If for some odd chance the homeowner would like to deviate from the approved list of colors, they must go through a color change approval process. This could involve submitting paint samples, provide paint manufacturer and brand information, and possibly even attend architectural HOA board meetings.

There are always obvious constraints. For example, if your next door neighbor had the exact same color that you would like to apply, then there might be an objection. Some HOAs rules do make sense in terms of paint schemes. Colors should be in the same schema when you take into consideration the siding color, trim color, garage door, front door, and shutters. Often times, they will regulate the brand of paint that you use to be the same builder brand and quality. All of these pesky rules and regulations should be included within the By-Laws of the HOA.

>As a homeowner within an HOA Controlled Community, you should take these regulations seriously, and always inquire with the Board if you are thinking about making changes to the exterior. Trust me; HOA’s have their ways of forcing homeowners to comply with their demands. As stated in the By-Laws of the HOA, usually they are able to fine homeowners several hundred dollars per month. If the fines get ignored, they can then place a lien on the property thereby forcing the homeowner into submission.

It's important to document everything whenever you're dealing with the HOA. For example, if someone complains about your color choice years down the road, it's a good idea to keep a paper trail concerning your color approvals. Paint colors on the inside of the home should never become an issue with the HOA in your neighborhood. Davinci's Painting has been dealing with HOA's in Reston since Reston was built! Please give us a call if you should need any assistance.

You can Paint Your Exterior Vinyl Siding

Over time, the color and sheen of aluminum or vinyl siding of the exterior of your Home can become weathered and faded.  In the past, most Painting Contractors were reluctant to paint to paint vinyl siding because of the fact that vinyl tends to expand and contract depending on the outside temperature.  Under most normal circumstances, caulk and paint will crack and become separated from the surface whenever expansion and contraction occurs. Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Revive and Sherwin Williams Vinyl Safe line of Exterior Paints are specially formulated with Vinyl Lock technology that is specific for vinyl siding.

Although we have been painting aluminum siding for quite a while, this new paint formulation provides remarkable benefits when it comes to painting vinyl siding and other PVC plastic trim  Even though vinyl siding typically lasts a lifetime, these new paint products make it possible for Home Owners in Northern Virginia to revive their exterior vinyl siding's dull faded appearance.  The paint is acrylic latex based which delivers superior adhesion that is specific for plastic, and can be applied by brush, roll, or spray techniques.  Moreover, depending upon the Homeowner's Association approval, Home Owners can change the entire color scheme of the exterior of their Home.

Regal® Select Revive Paint Highlights

  • Excellent adhesion with Vinyl Lock technology to adequately maintain the look and color of your home
  • A wide selection of colors that are formulated to be safe for exterior vinyl and PVC surfaces
  • Hard Durable finish to resist fading, cracking and peeling
  • Formulated with the paint and primer together
  • Available in Low Luster Finish

The expense is minimal compared to an investment in new siding, so this is a fantastic option for the homeowner on a budget seeking to renew the look of their home.  The material comes in a low luster finish and there are 59 different colors to choose from including pastels, white colors, vibrant blues, greens, and reds. Davinci's Painting performs exterior painting jobs from April through October, so now is the best time to book a free estimate and consider bringing your Home's exterior up-to-date.  Whether you are looking to refresh your faded siding with a color close to the original or it's time for a dramatic change, give us a call today at (571) 314-7288 or schedule your estimate online