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Davinci's Craftsmen are disciplined Artists and good listeners, with strengths in the understanding of composition, colors and design.

Decorative Textures and Faux Painting are very specialized and unique decorative finishes that can bring a special touch to any living space. It can create depth, beauty, and the possibilities are endless.

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Davinci's Custom Faux Painting

Faux Artist

Davinci's encourages the use of custom color schemes to create an environment that reflects the personality of the people living in the Home. One of the most popular trends in interior decoration is faux finish painting or sometimes called glazing. A faux finish can do alot for a space that would otherwise appear dull and boring. It can create a real unique impression.

Faux finishes deliver distinction in terms of home design by implementing various paint finishes and colors that are rich, attractive, and distinct. By utilizing faux techniques and colors, any room in your home can have an incredible design and a great experience. There are a lot of finishes to choose from, such as, marbelizing, clouds, brick, silk, stripes and stenciling.

Our faux finishers can help guide you with a look that fits your living space, while staying within your budget. This may include the use of accent walls, multiple colors on one wall, or even a textured surfaces. Our painters can also create murals that would look wonderful. Invite us to discuss this with you how to make your home have it's own personality.

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Faux Project Arlington VA
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Faux Project Arlington VA
Faux Project Arlington VA